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Since Friedkin’s “The Exorcist”, countless films have tried to ensnare gullible audience members with the bold and often unwarranted headline “One of the Scariest Movies Ever Made”, when they barely induce goosebumps, let alone a decent nightmare. Over the past month, I’ve been tagged dozens of times on Social Media alongside the poster for “Veronica." It's Netflix’s latest (foreign) Horror film. The film's description boastfully promises that "Veronica is “the Scariest movie on Netflix” and “only 1 out of 10 people are able to finish the film...”. Well, I am that 1 out of 10 who managed to sit through this entire train wreck and can tell you that the film is terrible.

God. Awful.

The tension or lack-there-of makes the “Paranormal Activity” series look like Hooper’s “Poltergeist”.

Set in 1990’s Spain, a young girl and her three siblings attempt to contact her deceased Father in a seance gone haywire. They're then plagued by the typical bizarre disturbances, which eventually help them realize that something is amiss. “[REC]” director Paco Plaza manages to bring nothing new to the genre, and fully employs every scare tactic imaginable with little to no effect. Subtitles may deter half the possible audience, and the duration of the film will surely cause people to hit the pause button in search of something else worth their time. Can’t say that I blame them. 3/10


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