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“Tomb Raider”

This is more than a stone's throw -- maybe even an ancient stone statue's throw -- away from being a great Action movie. What it lacks in story and dialogue, Vikander more than makes up for with a stellar performance as the lead heroine. She carries the film from the beginning to an exhilarating end.

Featured as an origin story, and based on the Video Game’s 2013 reboot, a distraught Lara Croft copes with the loss of her Father, Lord Richard Croft (”The Wire’s” Dominic West), as she cunningly deciphers clues long left behind. She believes the clues can lead her to his whereabouts. They ultimately lead her to an uncharted Island, where a nefarious group of Militants (led by a wry but disappointing Wolton Goggins) searches for a hidden Tomb with insidious purposes.

Boasting several epic set pieces and enjoyable chase sequences, the monotonous fault of the film in no way stems from Vikander’s ferocious performance, but rather from the average screenplay. The tension never amounts to anything, the dialogue is surprisingly bland and humorless considering Goggins has an ample hand in the plot, and the movie feels directed in the sense that all roads are bound to lead to a happy ending. While “Tomb Raider” is nothing spectacular, it is a fairly decent popcorn movie and worthy of becoming your eventual Saturday night Redbox in the months to follow. 7/10

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