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5 Reasons to binge Netflix's remake of Lost In Space.

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First, I have to admit that I had no intentions of writing this article this week. I already had enough planned and I'm behind on Wednesday's Wants. This show had me drawn in from the first beat of the premiere's fantastic score until the final end credits of the season. This is a must see and here are some reasons why.

1- Holy crap, THIS is how you reboot something! I have to admit I watched the original when it was on syndication during the 80's-90's, and I even enjoyed it until Jonathan Harris's whiny portrayal of Dr. Smith became too much to bear. More on that character later. This reboot managed to stay true to the great classic idiosyncrasies that made the original Lost In Space popular for nearly three decades. At the same time, the writers gave it a dark suspenseful feel that the 60's version could only dream of. It's a perfect blend of past and present. Science Fiction that finds us in spaceship cockpits really has to deliver excitement in order for me to get and stay hooked. I could NOT stop watching this show. I haven't said that since Stranger Things Season One.

2- The Robinson Family. It seems like Toby Stephens, who plays the father John Robinson, must've literally jumped from a pirate ship in Black Sails onto a spaceship in this series. Molly Parker from House of Cards plays his wife Maureen, and their chemistry is dynamic. I love how deep the show goes with their relationship. They're not some cookie cutter married couple that decides to join a space station colony. The Robinson's are flawed, and that makes them relatable from the start. The children make this show though. Judy and Penny are both strong young women, smart, and able to get the family through several tense situations. Penny is also hilarious. I personally love when they make a woman the light-hearted character. It doesn't happen nearly enough. As endearing as the sisters are, it's Will that's the heart of the show in my opinion. He's the outcast of the family for reasons you'll discover on your own, but he continuously proves himself throughout the season, and he's the reason a deadly robot becomes part of the family.

3- That brings us to the Robot. Danger, Will Robinson. Is the iconic line from the original series. The robot that said it left a lot to be desired. I know. It was the 60's. Cut them some slack. Fine. But, it was in serious need of an upgrade, and man did they nail it. The Robot looks as if it was designed by Mercedes Benz. It's sleek and badass. You see it fight off several threats in order to keep the Robinson's safe. The writers and effects team also manage to give the Robot a very Iron Giant feel. I connected with it on that same level, where you didn't want any harm to come to him, and you felt it whenever it did.

4- As I mentioned before, Dr. Smith could get on one's nerves during the original run. The showrunners went another direction with the character in this remake and it was an outstanding choice. Parker Posey plays an insanely dark conniving version of the doctor. She masterfully plots and outsmarts anyone that threatens her freedom. While the setting and the beasts on the alien planet prove dangerous, they pale in comparison to the thin woman with the wild hair in this series. I'm not normally a fan of Posey's work. She's been typecast as the same snotty antagonist. This should be the performance that sends her to the next level.

5- THE SPECIAL EFFECTS ARE INSANE! One can tell this has a Netflix budget. The effects are flawless in my humble opinion. The outer space scenes feel authentic. From the Robot to the space crafts, to the beasts on the planet, to the settings, to the dangers that surround them, it all feels as if it has real substance. It all exists. Even Marvel hasn't been able to pull that off in a few of their more recent films. This series is a feast for its viewers' eyes, with a thrilling tale to go with it.

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