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5 Reasons to Binge Amazon Prime's Original Series Bosch

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1- Titus Welliver has spent over twenty years playing great complimentary characters. I honestly didn’t know if he had a lead character role in him. Then, I saw the first season of Amazon Prime’s Bosch and knew I was wrong. The show’s creator, Eric Ellis Overmyer saw that Titus was perfect for the role of Detective Harry Bosch, and he absolutely nailed it. Throughout Titus’s lengthy career he’s played hardass no-nonsense guys. Most of the time this led to roles as minor antagonists in shows or movies, but it’s that same in your face, knock you out attitude that makes Harry Bosch so much fun to watch. Aside from that, Titus all of a sudden reveals his ability to play a soft-spoken heartwarming father to his TV daughter Maddie, played by Madison Lintz. Who knew? Sometimes, actors are just meant to play a role. Titus Welliver was meant to play Harry Bosch.

2- The Wire Alums. I LOVED HBO’s outstanding series The Wire, so it's always fun to see members of that show’s cast on a new series. The Walking Dead got Sgt. Ellis Carver, Cutty Wise, and D’Angelo Barksdale. Hap & Leonard got Omar Little. The WORLD got Stringer Bell.  Hand of God got Bubbles Cousins, and Bosch got Cedric Daniels and Marlon Stanfield aka Lance Reddick and Jamie Hector. Anyone who saw The Wire or Fringe will already know that Reddick plays the upper management politician perfectly. He radiates authority, period. Hector played a cold-blooded killer and drug kingpin in The Wire. His role couldn’t be any further from that in Bosch. He plays a detective that toes the line named Jerry Edgar. As his partner, he always has Bosch’s back, but he’s also tasked with trying to keep Harry from crossing any lines. He’s not always successful, but he measures up to Titus’s Bosch in every way. They’re opposite sides of the same coin, and the partnership is a joy to experience throughout the show’s four seasons.

3- The Source Material. Based on the Michael Connelly Series, this show has really good books to pull from. Most of the series have been New York Times #1 Bestsellers. Connelly has a gift for writing crime thrillers. He pens mysteries that keep people guessing and engaged from beginning to end. You may also remember one of Connelly’s books from the film Lincoln Lawyer starring Matthew McConaughey. The best thing is that the series still has several more books. Hopefully, they cover them all!

4- The Stories. They live up to the books. Each season has several storylines running at once. Talk about layers. We have Harry’s cases. Then there’s always a secondary case being detected by other members of the cast. Next comes the family drama with Harry’s family. This is later joined by a storyline featuring J. Edgar’s family. Let’s not forget the upper-level guys trying to take Harry down for doing whatever he needs to in order to catch the bad guy. Harry’s Ex-Wife goes undercover to try and get her job back as an FBI agent. A pivotal character gets shot! We think the killer is this guy, then it’s that guy, then it’s someone we never saw coming. OH and Bosch still has to solve the long-abandoned murder of his mother! There’s never a dull moment in this series.

5- The Supporting Cast. There’s not a weak link on the show. Harry’s ex is a compelling character and holds her own next to him. His daughter is brilliant and comes across as the one thing that keeps Harry grounded. Lt. Grace Billets is believable as a hardass leader that’s respected by her subordinates in the testosterone-driven detective division. The rest of the detectives in Bosch’s precinct are entertaining. Whether they’re off on their own cases, or all busting on one another around the office, the unit as a whole is thoroughly enjoyable. Then there are the villains. They have to live up to Harry in order to believe they’re a threat. None of them disappoint. Whether it’s serial killers, Russian mobsters, or greedy widows, watching Harry take them down is more than enough reason to stream all four seasons of Bosch.

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