Strangers 2: Prey at Night

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If the original 2008 film is the brains behind the franchise then surely Stranger 2: Prey at Night is the unwelcome bowel movement. As a Horror movie - it’s boring, cheap and uninspired on multiple levels, as a sequel Ten years after the fact - it’s completely forgettable. A dysfunctional family of 4 en-route to drop off their youngest self absorbed daughter battling both her teenage angst and parents (’Mad Men’ Christina Hendricks, such a pity to see her talent go unused, and their infuriating wimp of a Father played by Martin Henderson) pit stop at a near-deserted Trailer Park where 3 masked killers stalk the grounds for the night, murdering whomever they come across.

If there’s one thing the original had going for it, was that it capitalized off the growing “Saw”-fad at the time, where the value of human life is diminished and reduced to nothing more than a tally on the body count and the scenes in Strangers 2 set to a very odd and tacky soundtrack of retro 80’s music can barely get that right. The film, after ditching the original screenwriter and hiring a second, is undecided between its want to be a Carpenter-esque homage (frequently utilizing a pale yellow lighting the movie appears to suffer from jaundice) and its need to be both a successful sequel and remain even remotely enjoyable. It accomplishes neither. When thinking of the Producers that greenlit this project I am reminded of a scene when one of the characters asks the Killer “Why are you doing this?” to which they simply reply “Why Not?” - I’m sure a financier was thinking the same thing - why not? 4.5/10


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