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PlayStation VR is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I've grown up alongside the evolution of gaming. From Atari to next-gen systems and the PlayStation VR is probably one of the most impressive systems out there.
We did our research, of course, before purchasing it, and we were glad we decided to make the jump and go for it. You'd think this would just be a first person, right in front of you view experience but it's so much more than that. PlayStation VR literally puts you into the games. You look behind you, next to you, and you're in it. That first part of Skyrim where you're riding in the cart with other men? Yup. you're literally in there. Want to put yourself into an episode of Rick and Morty? Then pop on the headset and throw in Virtual Rickality! Want to throw stuff at your annoying coworkers in an office or even throw stuff at a convenience store customer? Job Simulator is the game for you!
The best, however, is Resident Evil 7, hands down. Want to experience a nightmare? I beat the game in regular mode, tried to play it in VR and gave up. I love horror more than anything, and I gave up. Not only are you IN this world, but you feel dread, anxiety, claustrophobia, and fear...because you don't know when something is going to pop out and scare you and it's on
one of the most intense gaming experiences out there.
Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is another terrifyingly fun time. A spin-off of the Ps4 exclusive Until Dawn, it's a roller coaster to hell...almost literally. I won't spoil anything here, but for $20, it's phenomenal.
I give Playstation VR a 9 out of 10. It's a must buy for any gamer and an experience in gaming like no other. I always compare playing it to an episode of Black Mirror. Buy it! now!

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