Mutoid Man w/ Lazur Wulf Live at Masquerade


May 7th- Mutoid Man w/ Lazur Wulf @ the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA

I grew up listening to metal. When I was little, one of the first songs my mother recorded me singing was “We’re Not Gonna Take It” by Twisted Sister. I acted out rock music videos. Motley Crue was the soundtrack that blasted throughout the background of my 5th birthday party video, along with the 1986 NY Mets theme song. Man, growing up in the 80’s was the best!

I’ve spent my entire adult life going to metal shows. Metallica at Giants Stadium in 1998 was my first, ever. I’ve seen all of my favorites, from Megadeth to Iron Maiden, to Slayer, to Testament, you name it, I saw it! Hell, I’ve even seen Warrant live...TWICE! Make fun of me all you want, but that guitar intro to Uncle Tom’s Cabin is FANTASTIC. And growing up in New York, access to every great concert was super easy. I love metal so much, that when I was in a band at 20 something years old, my bandmates would constantly pick on me for playing Metallica riffs at every practice! Anyways, my point is, I know my metal. I love my metal. I live for this music and the show I experienced in Atlanta brought every single reason why I love heavy metal together in one great concert.

The masquerade is a fantastic club in downtown Atlanta, with 3 separate venues. Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory. Mutoid Man, appropriately enough, played in Hell. The venue was small, but as I walked in, my excitement grew. Sure, stadium concerts are great, but there is NOTHING better than a small, intimate club setting.

I was introduced to the Mutoid Man’s music about a year or so ago by my husband who randomly came across them while browsing new music to listen to. We both instantly fell in love with them, so getting tickets to this show the second they went on sale was a no-brainer! The opening band, Lazer/Wulf was new to me, and I enjoyed the hell out of them. Playing mostly instrumental metal, these guys completely kicked ass. Heavy and insane guitar playing, combined with incredible drumming and bass playing. I was instantly a new fan. If you haven’t heard of these guys, their music is streaming on Amazon music, check them out! One of the best opening bands I’ve seen in a long time. I’ll be seeing them again for sure! Now onto why we drove 4 hours to Atlanta...Mutoid Man!

Opening with "Melt Your Mind" off of their newest album, War Moans (buy it ASAP. You’ll thank me) I knew we were in for a mindblowing show. These guys are FLAWLESS live. The album War Moans is perfect anyways and hearing the tracks live made me love it even more. Hard-hitting insane drumming by ex Converge drummer, Ben Koller, killer bass playing by Nick Cageao, and fronted by one of the best guitarists/vocalists around now, Stephen Brodsky. These guys had a stage presence that you just don’t see anymore in the music scene. They have chemistry, they’re goofy and fun and know how to work a crowd. I had a lot of laughs by their constant giving each other the middle finger while playing.

The show was constant high energy. They played my absolute favorites such as "Microaggression", "Date with the Devil", and even slowed it down and played "Bandages." (My new song to conquer on guitar).
You can tell these guys love what they do. Metal has been in a weird place for a while, but these guys breathe new life into it and prove GOOD heavy metal is still alive and will kick all ass.

My ONLY complaint was that the show was only an hour long. I wanted more. I guess we’ll just have to go see them every single time they come around. Pensacola? Atlanta? Come back, guys!! Living in the south now, we need metal down here, badly!

If you love heavy metal and need something new and completely awesome to listen to, please pick up Mutoid Man’s discography, see them live, and buy their merchandise at shows/their website. Get these guys out there more!! I guarantee they’ll be the next big thing in metal if people would just step out of their comfort zone and try something NEW. They’re on tour now, so if they’re coming by your city buy a ticket. Take off work, and go have your face melted off. You'll be completely entertained by one of the best heavy metal bands around. Trust me.


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