Isle of Dogs

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What sets Wes Anderson and his films apart from the hack Directors of Hollywood’s cookie-cutter movie industry is the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating them. The subtle nuances in color schemes and wardrobe that shape the characters as well as the world they inhabit. His latest stop-motion animated feature is a delightful visionary achievement, an arduous method of filmmaking that took 27 animators and 10 assistants to physically make and mold literally everything you see on screen.

Set in futuristic Japan, a cruel Mayor banishes all dogs after an outbreak of ‘Snout Fever’ threatens the populous. Now forced to live in exile on a remote strip of land deemed Trash Island, the feral pups rove the wasteland scavenging for food when a young boy unexpectedly crash lands in search of his own beloved 4 legged friends. The quirky wolf pack led by a bitter Chief (voice of Bryan Cranston), a dog with no Master or purpose, reluctantly agrees to aid in his efforts. Were it not for the animation perhaps “Isle of Dogs” wouldn’t be half as enjoyable, but Anderson’s knack for set design and a witty story backed by a mish/mash of oddities and ideas keeps this from ever becoming boring. Fans of his style will be quickly engrossed in another realm of imagination, just the sheer time-consuming labor that goes into a movie like this only adds to the sense of wonderment. The end result is pure magic. 8/10

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  1. Great review; I concur – Anderson’s worlds he creates – animated and live action as well – are dioramas of creative vision, panache and whimsy

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