Infinity War

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Since 2008 the Marvel Universe has been the cinematic equivalent of a chess match. A grandiose end game 10 years in the making (What a time to be alive indeed). Jam packed with enough visual FX to make James Cameron blush and every superhero you can imagine sharing equal parts story and screen time. To describe “Infinity War” is to critique an amusement park, to pinpoint exactly what it’s like to be a kid again and stare up at the Big Screen with eyes full of wonder. This is an experience that only your local movie theatre can provide. A film made by fans of superheroes for superhero fans.

We find ourselves very much in the aftermath of Civil War, the Avengers have disbanded, alliances are severed and the threat of Thanos looms overhead. Earth and our headstrong heroes are facing imminent danger if all of the Infinity Stones aren’t safeguarded from the Titan Thanos hellbent on ruling the Universe.

While the formula is in a sense textbook, what undeniably sets this film apart from the last time the planet was under attack is the culmination of everything that came before finding its own singular voice. 18 movies, 18 different experiences. All of them perfectly in sync and working with one another. The heroes of the latest stand-alone films are finally brought onto center stage, into the big leagues. We gleefully watch Doctor Strange and Tony Stark clash wits, Thor and the Guardians of the Galaxy parry one-liners back and forth like a locker room full of cocky teammates.

The Russo Brothers have accomplished what I never thought possible - a crowd-pleasing action movie suitable for the fanboys and worthy of the hype. They may not be rewarded with an Oscar for bearing the torch, but they surely have earned the respect of their fans tenfold. 9/10

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