God of War 4: Spoiler Free Review

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The God of War series has been one of Playstation's biggest hits. The graphics, for its time, were amazing, and the storytelling was always phenomenal. It seemed like the series was constantly one step ahead of other games, and God of War 4 is no different.

Since seeing the announcement trailer at the E3 convention, I was pumped up. We're now experiencing an older Kratos, who has a child. Will he still be as badass as he was when he fought the Greek Gods?

The answer is YES. So much YES. This time around, Kratos battles the Norse Gods and many creatures from Norse Mythology. It's so spot on, that you know they did their research.

The graphics, especially on a PS4 Pro, are jaw-droppingly beautiful. The gameplay is smooth and the combat is ALOT of fun. (Just wait until you get your second weapon...) The boss battles are intense, and unforgiving when it comes to difficulty. (especially the second one at the beginning of the game with 'The Stranger').

The more I play, the more I want to write a second part review on just the bosses alone. There's so much to this game.

It's shot with absolutely no cuts. Everything flows together and you play/watch every single thing as it happens. Cinematic scenes blend into the actual gameplay flawlessly. They were taking a risk going in this direction with the series, but it paid off and ends up being one amazing adventure.

God of War gets a solid 10 out of 10 from me. I honestly have NO complaints. Game of the year right here! Hands down.

I've read a few articles and reviews that were negative, and please, please do NOT listen to them.

People have complained that it's too hard, and compare it to Bloodborne and Dark Souls difficulty wise, which in some parts is true for sure. But it's satisfying once you beat these bosses and enemies. I will say, playing Dark Souls and Bloodborne MAY make this one easier for you, and may not be right for folks looking for an easy little game that you can blow right through. If that's what you're looking for, then this is not for you.

Words of advice while playing: LOOK EVERYWHERE. There are secrets all around this game. Chests everywhere, puzzles that lead to goodies. Pay attention everywhere you go and explore every bit of this game! It'll help you out in the end 🙂

I'll stop rambling for now, stay tuned for a review of the boss fights and a spoiler-filled blog about the game. This one is just to pump everyone up. I highly recommend plaything this masterpiece of a game.

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