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Yes, I understand this review is coming to you a little late. We had some business to take care of. Here's why it should still matter. This isn't a review telling you why you should absolutely go see Deadpool 2. No. Instead, it's a review telling you why you have to go see it TWICE.

First of all Ryan Reynolds has been masterfully portraying Deadpool in every movie he's ever been in with the exception of THE NINES and BURIED. He was really friggin good in BURIED. In fact, one of the few movies he DID NOT play Deadpool was when he portrayed that character of the same name in WOLVERINE ORIGIN. Ryan broke into the scene as a young collegiate Deadpool in VAN WILDER. After graduation, Deadpool got a job as a shitty waiter in the movie WAITING. Working at the diner must've got him hooked on carbs because fat Deadpool showed up in JUST FRIENDS. He got a serious girlfriend, had a kid, and toned down the cursing long enough to tell her a two-hour bed story in DEFINITELY, MAYBE. Then Deadpool pretended to be engaged to Sandra Bullock in THE PROPOSAL. GREEN LANTERN hahahahahahaha hot garbage. Deadpool switched bodies with Jason Bateman in THE CHANGE-UP. That was funny. Then he finally made his super-antihero debut in his self-titled film DEADPOOL.

Let's admit it, folks. We've wanted Ryan Reynolds AKA Deadpool to get his own movie for a decade. We didn't expect it to be good, but it'd certainly be funny. Deadpool was hilarious in every one of his other movies. Except for BURIED. See that movie! Anyway, we went in with low expectations. It was a FOX superhero movie after all. But then we were surprised to find the movie was spectacular. Yes, it was funny as expected. Beyond that, it had a heart. Wade's relationship with Vanessa was steamy, sexy, crazy and full of what felt like genuine love. Ryan and Morena's chemistry was palpable. Sorry, Ben. We didn't care that Deadpool wasn't killing bad guys for the 20-30 minutes their relationship took to develop. For once, we were getting some character development out of the X-Universe. They FINALLY got Colossus right, and the villains weren't atrocious. Not great. But not Horrible. It made me laugh until I cried.

And that brings us to the sequel. Now that the team of producers and writers had a proven commodity, they dialed everything that worked in the first film to the extreme. They managed to balance ridiculous crude humor with heartbreaking drama. Not an easy accomplishment. The cast of characters is great. Julian Dennison's Fire Fists is a little much to take at times, but he's not corny enough to take you out of anything. Zazie Beetz's Domino steals most of the scenes she's in. Josh Brolin, who's better as Thanos imho, got jacked for this movie. Jesus. He's solid as the brooding Cable and works perfectly as the straight man next to Reynolds's wise-cracking Deadpool. Colossus is great again and he's involved in a fight that I've wanted to see for decades. Blind Al was great. Black Tom was racially confusing. The X-Force team makes the entire film. I adored Yukio and her interaction with Wade. The surprise villain is worth the price of admission. Most of all it's funny. Almost non-stop funny, and that's why you should go see this movie a second time. Odds are you or the people around you laughed so hard throughout the movie that you missed a ton of other jokes. Go for those. Laugh at entirely different punchlines, and stay for the after credits. YOU WON'T BE SORRY!

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