Ant Man & The Wasp (Spoiler Free)


Ant-Man and the Wasp #1 (of 5) - $3.59

from: Things From Another World

Ant-Man and Wasp Living Legends #1 - $3.59

from: Things From Another World


How did funnyman Paul Rudd land the smallest role in the MCU and manage to own the character with brass enthusiasm? For this sequel, it’s the zany energy of the film itself that sets Ant Man apart from the usual superhero story arcs. Led first and foremost by Rudd’s childlike sneer, the plot easily unfolds to suit the good nature of our hero and equally likable castmates.

Set before “Infinity War” we find Ant Man/Scott Lang serving a stint of court-mandated house arrest after the all-out-brawl in “Civil War” landed him and the Inventor of the suit, Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) on government radar. Now to avoid a lengthy prison sentence Scott spends his days idling around the house, avoiding the fugitive Father/Daughter duo until a dreamlike vision connects him with Dr. Pym’s long-lost wife (Michelle Pfeiffer) once thought dead in the Quantum Realm - a term for when the suit shrinks smaller than molecules and leaves the user forever trapped in a state of shrinking. Reunited and on the run, Ant Man and The Wasp must work together to finish building a Quantum-tunnel of sorts that will connect this world with the Realm in a last ditch effort to find the missing relative.

Fan Boys hoping for a glimpse of Thanos or any Avengers cameos will leave disappointed as the storyline only leaves wiggle room for the title character and his heartthrob sidekick The Wasp. The action sequences are fast-paced, bursting with hysterical CGI sight gags and a very sharp script that keeps the plot pacing light and fun throughout. Rudd has the comedic flair and natural acting ability to make this into a trilogy and extend his character in future MCU films. Be sure to stay for an after credits cliffhanger. 7.5/10

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