Creatives shouldn't Come Last. We Strive to Put Them First.


Hustle and Heart Films started out as an idea, and has since become a home to some of the most talented writers in the world. We're honored to be joined by great writers and even greater men: Producers Cullen Bunn, Joe Lansdale, Brian Keene, and Keith Lansdale. 17 Year Veteran Executive Producer, Brendan Deneen has taken Heath under his wing and taught him how to build projects from the ground up. He continues to groom him as Hustle and Hearts's Executive Advisor. These men represent a near infinite number of concepts and properties.

Our Goal for Creatives and Publishers

We want to work hand in hand with you to bring your great properties and ideas into the worlds of feature films and  television. We strive to keep you involved throughout the entire process, and do whatever we can to help your project cross the finish line.We've spent 20+ years building relationships all across Hollywood, and we use those relationships to discover exactly what each producer is looking for. This allows us to put the right properties in their hands, rather than firing off mass emails and hoping to strike gold.

We believe in the creators that we work with, and love the diversity of the publishers we represent. Knowing, we can play a role in helping their stories find second lives in a film or television series is what we live for.


Our Goal for Studios, Producers, and Networks

We want to provide you with amazing content from around the world, and an unbelievable amount of original concepts. We can present you with stories from underrepresented countries and voices, while also bringing you the works of some of today's top selling creators/writers. While we do have a massive amount of horror, thriller, and suspense properties to offer, our list also includes dozens of potential festival winners, and tons of big budget blockbusters. There are award winning roles within the pages we represent, and stories that people will love to watch unfold season after season.

Let us find the right tale for you to tell.