A Quiet Place

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All movies, the good and the downright terrible, are made with one basic function - hook the audience in and bring them into another world until the credits roll. Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” does this with the careful hand of a veteran Auteur.

The film begins on Day 89, roughly 3 months after a spawn of creatures that hunt via sound waves have ravaged the population. A family living in seclusion (played by real-life husband and wife, Jon Krasinski and Emily Blunt) grapples with the reality of their situation while forced to remain absolutely silent in order to survive. The dialogue here is minimal, the actors on screen communicate through the use of sign language and the films cunning lies at the center of this. Sound becomes a character, the Monster we’re fearing both on and off screen.

It’s rare for a movie, a PG-13 Horror movie no less, to put you in the character’s position so effectively in order to emphasize with their plight. We’re afraid of what we can’t see yet ultimately know exists, much like the people on screen. In an industry where apocalypse movies are a dime a dozen “A Quiet Place” is a gem, frightening without putting blood and violence at the forefront and unsettling in all the right ways. This is filmmaking 101 in full force, backed by a clever script and a creature design that would make Rick Baker proud. This film hooked me in from the opening scene to the brutal finale. Hands down, One of the Best Films of 2018. 9.5/10

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