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Cullen Bunn


I’ve got a story to tell-a story about how me and a couple of poker buddies squared off against the very legions of Hell … and maybe even saved the world. Like all good yarns, this one has its share of action, adventure, mystery, and romance. As for how it ends, though, you’ll have to judge for yourself. Me, I’ve always been partial to happy endings-the singing cowboy riding off into the sunset-but I reckon that just ain’t the way of the world. This story’s got vampires, too, loads of them, but not in the beginning. It began, for us at least, with spiders. Collecting 2015’s most terrifying southern horror series from writer Cullen Bunn, artist Drew Moss, and colorist Nick Filardi!


Joe Lansdale


Jack Catcher's parents are dead--his mom died of a sickness and his dad of a broken heart--and he wants to get out of Oklahoma, where dust storms have killed everything green and hopeful. So when former classmate Jane Lewis and her little brother, Tony, show up in his yard with plans to steal a dead neighbor's car and make a break for Texas, Jack doesn't need much convincing to go with them. But a run-in with one of the era's most notorious gangsters puts a crimp in Jane's plan, and soon the three kids are riding the rails among hoboes, gangsters, and con men, racing to warn a carnival-wrestler-turned-bank-robber of the danger headed toward him faster than a black blizzard on the prairie horizon. This road trip adventure is a colorful ride through Depression-era America.


Brian Keene


When their car broke down in a dangerous inner-city neighborhood, Kerri and her friends thought they would find shelter inside an old, dark row home. They thought it was abandoned. They thought they would be safe there until help arrived. They were wrong.

The residents who live down in the cellar and the tunnels beneath the city are far more dangerous than the streets outside, and they have a very special way of dealing with trespassers. Trapped in a world of darkness, populated by obscene abominations, they will have to fight back if they ever want to see the sun again. Every city has its secrets and urban legends. But nothing can prepare them for when they find out the truth about this horrible house. Urban Gothic is Brian Keene's blood and body fluid splattered tribute to horror icon Edward Lee.

Linda Addison headshot selfie

Linda Addison

Linda Addison cover Sycoraxs Daughters

Thought-provoking, powerful, and revealing, this anthology is composed of 28 dark stories and 14 poems written by African-American women writers. The tales of what scares, threatens, and shocks them will enlighten and entertain readers. The works delve into demons and shape-shifters from "How to Speak to the Bogeyman" and "Tree of the Forest Seven Bells Turns the World Round Midnight" to far future offerings such as "The Malady of Need". These pieces cover vampires, ghosts, and mermaids, as well as the unexpected price paid by women struggling for freedom and validation in the past.


Brandon Easton


In a future world of giant, mechanized, armored warriors, a rebellious soldier is sentenced to life in a distant prison colony, where he must stop an advanced race of Vampire lords from taking over the world by way of breaking their restricted feeding treaty with the human race, all the while coping with the fact that his very presence in the colony may be part of their dark design.


Wrath James White


Dale McCarthy has a unique and miraculous ability. He can bring the dead back to life, though the resurrected have no memory of their deaths. But not every miracle comes from God, and not every healer is a saint.  

Ever since her new neighbor moved in, Sarah Lincoln has been having terrible nightmares. Last night she dreamed she and her husband were brutally murdered in their beds. This morning she found bloody sheets in the laundry and bloodstains on her mattress. And the nightmare is the same, night after night after night. With no one prepared to take her wild fears seriously, Sarah will have to save herself from being murdered. Again.


Kevin Watkins


Adam McLaughlin


Listen to the Thunder is a black and white horror comic series exploring werewolf tribes throughout generations. The first story arc is about one particular werewolf tribe that preys upon small Midwestern town.

The first issue and story arc features members of the werewolf tribe Dorne, who can trace their lineage back to the Middle Ages. Cale Dorne comes to the small Midwestern town of Whisper searching for his son Caleb. Cale is accompanied by Caleb's adoptive brother Sampson.


Daniel L. Russell


Starring in the reality TV show PI: Paranormal Investigations should be a dream come true, but for Molly it’s a nightmare. Between constant filming, unexplained occurrences waking her at all hours, and the scrutiny of her friends and neighbors, she is frustrated and exhausted. Unfortunately, the contract her grandpa signed says she can’t quit and she does need the money. Besides, the show’s host, Samuel, is the only one who wants to help stop the hauntings. Molly decides to ride out the experience, thinking that footsteps and rattling doorknobs in the middle of the night aren’t so bad.

Molly’s wrong.

Demons are making their way to Molly’s quiet English town, intent on shutting down the show. As the darkness converges, Molly is caught in a struggle among demons while desperately fighting to keep her family safe.


Nancy Collins


Sunglasses After Dark, by award-winning author Nancy A. Collins, tells the story of a punk female vampire/vampire-hunter searching for the man responsible turning her into one of the undeadOne spring night in London, heiress Denise Thorne disappears while partying at a nightclub, never to be seen again. That very same night, Sonja Blue, a tough-as-nails punk vampire/vampire-slayer, conceived in terror and blood, is borne from the city's gutters. Saved by modern medicine before she could die, she is a living vampire who still possesses a soul and is determined to fight for what remains of her humanity. In the years since her bizarre resurrection, Sonja Blue travels the globe, hunting down and disposing of those creatures that prey on the innocent while searching for the vampire Noble who created her. But when she investigates a sleazy televangelist named Catherine Wheele, who is exploiting Denise Thorne's parents, Sonja finds herself up against a powerful inhuman adversary. But as dangerous as Catherine Wheele proves to be, Sonja's greatest foe remains the Other, the demonic personality with whom she is locked in a constant battle for control of their shared body. Can Sonja Blue overcome her inner demon in time to rescue an innocent man from Catherine Wheele's unholy clutches?

Lynn Kanter photo

Lynn Kanter


Her Own Vietnam, a novel by Lynn Kanter

Her Own Vietnam is a woman’s story of war and its personal costs, as well as a portrait of a woman in midlife—a mother, a nurse, and long ago a soldier.

For 30 years, Della Brown has tried to forget her service as a U.S. Army nurse treating horrific battlefield injuries in Vietnam. But now she’s received a letter from Charlene Johnson, a fellow combat nurse who was once her closest friend, and all the memories come flooding back: Della’s nightmarish introduction to the Twelfth Evacuation Hospital in Cu Chi, where every bed held a patient hideously wounded in ways never mentioned in nursing school. The day she learned how to tell young men they were about to die. The night her chopper pilot boyfriend failed to return from his mission.

When Della came home from Vietnam she was 22 years old, traumatized by horrors no one wanted her to speak about. Now in her 50s, she realizes that her war experience has colored her relationships with everyone in her life—her ex-husband, her daughter, her mother, her sister, even her sister’s girlfriend. As she struggles to make peace with the past, Della must confront the fissures in her family life, the mystery of her father’s disappearance, the things mothers and daughters cannot—maybe should not—know about one another, and the lifelong repercussions of a single mistake.

At the heart of the story is the friendship between Della and Charlene—one white, one black, both of them stamped forever by war. Readers see the two women during their harrowing tour of duty in 1969-1970, and again 30 years later, when they reunite at a moment fraught with the threat of a new war in Iraq and the weight of their own shared history.

Her Own Vietnam has won two literary awards: Silver, IndieFab Book of the Year (military fiction), and Silver, Military Writers Association of America (literary fiction). The novel was published in in 2014 by Shade Mountain Press, and released as an audiobook in August 2017.


Paul Tobin



The world's greatest thief is a costumed teen burglar by the nome d'arte of Bandette! Gleefully plying her skills on either side of the law alongside her network of street urchins, Bandette is a thorn in the side of both Police Inspector Belgique and the criminal underworld. But it's not all breaking hearts and purloining masterpieces when a rival thief makes a startling discovery. Can even Bandette laugh off a plot against her life?

Shayne Silvers-8

Shayne Silvers


Nate Temple has authority issues. As a reckless playboy living the lifestyle only a billionaire heir could, he easily earns the hatred and envy of everyone in St. Louis – especially the monsters. But that tends to happen when you’re also secretly a wizard… and your idea of fun is cow-tipping the reformed Buddhist Minotaur, asking too many questions, and instinctively thumbing your nose at anyone more powerful than you.

Shape-shifting dragons are dead set on taking over his city. Nate, never one to back down from an impossible fight, joins his closet-werewolf, FBI Agent friend, to stake a flag under the St. Louis Arch, declaring it immune to a reptile dysfunction.

But dragons begin to crawl out of the stonework, hungry for a fire-roasted wizard and werewolf kabob. Temple finds his magical anonymity challenged by the journalistic efforts of the five o’clock news.

Nate must learn the truth of a stunning betrayal that leads all the way back to his parents’ murder if he hopes to save everyone he cares about. But not before he wraps up a little bit of dragon hunting.

Obsidian Son is the first installment in the Nate Temple series of Supernatural Thrillers, and is said by readers to be a fine addition to the shelves beside the Greats themselves: Jim Butcher, Kevin Hearne, and Patrick Rothfuss.


Keith Lansdale


Strange electrical currents hurtle towards Earth from outer space. Calvin lives a typical life with his wife Ella and daughter Tina in the fictional East Texas town of Mud Creek It's during the holidays and one night Ella harasses him to put up Christmas decorations on their home. Instead Calvin naps on the couch and then a freak lightning storm from the strange electrical currents causes everyone who sees it to drop dead. When Calvin awakes he finds his wife and daughter seemingly dead. Awash with grief, he lays the two out on their bed. As soon as Calvin turns his back, his daughter rises from the dead and crawls out an open window. Then Ella rises as a zombie and attacks him. After he subdues her, his neighbor Ray shows up and tells Calvin Tina has bitten him and he had no choice but to kill her by striking her with a hammer. Soon Calvin realizes most of the inhabitants of Mud Creek are now zombies.


Michael Moreci


“Our destiny is the stars, and I will lead us there.” Twenty years after this promise, billionaire Langford Skaargard’s dream of cosmic exploration is no more. Roche Limit, a colony situated on the cusp of a mysterious energy anomaly, is a melting pot of crime and terrible secrets. When Bekkah Hudson goes missing, the search to find her will plunge her sister and a cadre of the colony’s underworld figures into an odyssey that reveals a grim future for mankind.

Blending 2001 with Blade Runner, Roche Limit is the first part of a bold sci-fi/noir trilogy.

10393969_10201696142164560_8202361741250712579_n (1)(1)

Brandon Perlow


Paul Mendoza

WATSON & HOLMES is a modern urban take on the tales of "Sherlock Holmes" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Re-envisioning Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson as African Americans and taking place in New York City's famous Harlem district

Publisher Spotlights

Books You NEED to Read

The Gods of Second Chances

Family means everything to Alaskan fisherman Ray Bancroft, raising his granddaughter while battling storms, invasive species, and lawsuit-happy tourists. To navigate, and to catch enough crab to feed her college fund, Ray seeks help from a multitude of gods and goddesses—not to mention ad-libbed rituals performed at sea by his half-Tlingit best friend. But kitchen counter statues and otter bone ceremonies aren’t enough when his estranged daughter returns from prison, swearing she’s clean and sober. Her search for a safe harbor threatens everything Ray holds sacred. Set against a backdrop of ice and mud and loss, Dan Berne’s gripping debut novel explores the unpredictable fissures of memory, and how families can break apart even in the midst of healing.


True crime, memoir, and ghost story, Mean is the bold and hilarious tale of Myriam Gurba’s coming of age as a queer, mixed-race Chicana. Blending radical formal fluidity and caustic humor, Gurba takes on sexual violence, small towns, and race, turning what might be tragic into piercing, revealing comedy. This is a confident, intoxicating, brassy book that takes the cost of sexual assault, racism, misogyny, and homophobia deadly seriously.

NIRVANA (Book 1)

When the real world is emptied of all that you love, how can you keep yourself from dependence on the virtual?

Larissa Kenders lives in a world where the real and the virtual intermingle daily. After the supposed death of her soulmate, Andrew, Larissa is able to find solace by escaping to Nirvana, a virtual world where anything is possible – even visits with Andrew. Although Larissa is told that these meetings are not real, she cannot shake her suspicion that Andrew is indeed alive. When she begins an investigation of Hexagon, the very institution that she has been taught to trust, Larissa uncovers much more than she ever expected and places herself in serious danger. Her biggest challenge, however, remains determining what is real – and what is virtual.

The Boy Who Spoke To Stars
Secrets. Forgiveness. Death.

Nothing has been right in Kasper’s life for quite some time. Then the eclipse comes, and his father is stolen away. When the police arrive, instead of trying to help, they drag off his mother too. Down at the station later, the desk sergeant claims to know nothing about Kasper’s mum, and insists that the detective who arrested her doesn’t exist.

Loki, Kasper’s cousin, is the only one who really understands him. Her parents promise to keep him safe until his mum and dad return, but soon they are gone as well. There’s no-one for Kasper and Loki to turn to – except Tenrō, a dangerous older boy who knows more than he should, and claims to be a star…

As they set off into the night, they have no way of knowing what they will have to face. The secrets they are about to uncover will change their lives. Their actions will seal the fates of every living thing in the universe.

Somewhere in the dark, the truth is waiting. And the stars are watching.


Mae and the moon love to play together. Their favorite game is hide and seek. But when the moon disappears one evening and cannot be found, Mae wonders what happened and begins to worry. Determined to find her glowing friend, Mae takes matters into her own hands and sets off on a wonderful and curious voyage through her imagination.

This charming book, beautifully illustrated in soft moonlit hues, will capture the hearts of moon gazers everywhere.



When awkward high school teen Jasper Dixon sustains an injury during a hunting excursion with his family, his infected wolf bite combined with the hormonal changes of puberty triggers a disturbing physical transformation.


In her new memoir, Martha Grover goes undercover. Whether cleaning houses or looking for love, she peels back the surfaces of ordinary moments and reveals a life both hilarious and traumatic. The End of My Career sees Grover living with her parents again as she enters her late thirties, reconciling the pleasures and perils of being female, chronically ill, and subsisting on menial labor at the edge of an increasingly unaffordable city. Desperate for stable work, she gets hired as a state-sanctioned private investigator looking into shady workers’ comp claims—even while she herself fights in court for her own disability settlement. Angry and heartbroken, brimming with the outrageous contradictions of the modern world, The End of My Career embodies the comic nightmare of our times.


The South Carolina Lizard Man had always been considered a local legend, a way to draw tourists to rural Lee County. Until a local man shoots and kills the beast.

Jack Rastun, Karen Thatcher, and their team from the Foundation for Undocumented Biological Investigation are called in to collect the Lizard Man’s corpse. When they arrive, they find the man who shot it torn apart, and the creature’s body gone.

This is only the beginning. More lizard men emerge from the swamps, stalking and killing townspeople. Rastun, Thatcher, and the FUBI wage a desperate battle to try and end the bloody attacks.

But deadly reptilians are not the only threat. A former Marine is convinced the lizard men are part of a vast global conspiracy, and has a plan to deal with them, one that could mean disaster for the entire county.

With thousands of lives at risk, Rastun and Thatcher are faced with a difficult question. Who is more dangerous? Monster or man?


Comrades on the Colca

A modern-day, real life adventure, this book will take readers along for a rollicking ride through South America on a race to the bottom of the Earth. When the author first met Polish explorer, Yurek Majcherczyk on a commercial feasibility expedition down Ecuador’s Quijos River in 1989, he did not know it would lead to taking part in a Polish race, stumbling upon a mummy-filled cave and even getting wrapped up in a legend linking long-lost Incan riches to a riverfront castle in Poland. As the adventurers plunge deeper and deeper into unknown territory, they discover a rival Polish team trying to usurp their goal.

The author seamlessly weaves these tales with his own exploits and adventures-climaxing with a tumultuous hike out of the canyon with both teams returning to complete their race the following year. Comrades on the Colca was a finalist for the 2017 Foreword Review INDIES Award.




After a fire consumes the Heller Home for Children, the residents of Morganville, North Carolina thought they knew evil...

They were wrong.

Unaware of the turmoil in their new hometown, the Littles—David, Kate, and seven-year-old Becca—are moving from New York City to Morganville in hopes of repairing their own lives, which were recently shattered by an act of sexual violence.

Before long, David realizes that his family's troubles are worse than he could ever have imagined.

An ancient demon lurks beneath the town of Morganville, an unholy creature conjured into existence by the Heller Home tragedy.

Its name is Moloch.

It is hungry for the souls of the townspeople.

But most of all, Moloch wants the children. It will not rest until it has them.

All of them.